Fir Berry Walk Juniper berry, Cedar, Eucalyptus bud, Pine.


We didn't make this pure soy candle just because we love our dogs. If you know or love a dog lover, we made it for you.

Fir Berry Walk evokes the sensory pleasure of outdoor hiking, glamping, or nesting during the holidays. Cedar, fir and juniper berry give this scent its toasty warmth; eucalyptus bud adds the crisp fresh finish.



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Amberwood Nectar Sandalwood. Violet. Patchouli.


Just like your favorite overthinker, Amberwood Nectar is deep and complex at its core. The least sweet in our soy candle inventory, Amberwood Nectar has a heavier musky base composed of opoponax, vanilla, and patchouli. Tart lemon and bergamot orange cut through middle notes of violet, jasmine, and rose.

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Currant Twist Cassis, Citrus peel. Fir.


It's called The Girls' Girl but guys cop to burning this woodsy-sweet berry scent.

Currant Twist is grounded by hints of juniper berry, fir and a dusting of cinnamon. Though it is a member of the fruity + floral family, it is more often perceived as tart and refreshing than fruity or floral.


The award-winning turquoise and ecru packaging reflects our childhood roots in Malibu and Miami, and our love of a lush, tropical coastline.

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Seville Olive Branch Olive, Lavender, Hyacinth, Eucalyptus.


Seville Olive Branch is our unisex soy candle debut! Hyacinth is grounded by rich patchouli and precious woods, and complemented by lavender, lily, and aromatic eucalyptus.

From heavy base notes to light finishers, this herbal composition gives off the ultimate crossover scent.

This candle is currently SOLD OUT. 

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Vanilla Punch Grapefruit, Vanilla. Magnolia.


Vanilla Punch is like a great couple. Individual elements are blended together to form a more interesting, nuanced whole. A whisper of magnolia balances vanilla and grapefruit, while sharp citrus lifts the aroma, promoting relaxation, warmth, and passion. Vanilla Punch comes off strong in the tube but mellows as it burns.

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